Not a better love story than Twilight — learning the hard lessons!

While I was still battling my urge to talk to the girl I have been in one sided love for more than 7 years now, I received another bad news. One that was going to shake my belief system, leaving much to introspect. Time and again, I have felt that emotions only make you weak and leave you with a biased mindset but still knowing that, I always get carried away. But this isn’t about loving someone, it’s about an emotional investment in stock market.

I was still studying in 7th standard when I starting investing in stock markets from my dad’s demat account. Getting his permission was a tedious task though — I used to analyse financial results of some 2500 companies, choose top picks from each sector and then again compare those top picks to narrow down to 4–5 companies before finally recommending them to my dad who would not take my recommendations seriously. I started writing my recommendations in a diary and all of them used to give impressive returns within a short time. This helped me convince dad to some extent but he didn’t allow me to use his demat account until one day he found out that I had already purchased some stocks from his account without his permission and he had made decent profit. I got scolded and I was forbidden from using his account again but he allowed me to invest my savings in shares, only condition being — buy and sell orders should be placed through him. Although I trade from my own account now, this setting still works and dad holds my initial stocks in his account.

Beginning of my love story

First signs of cracks in our heaven

The patch up

A bumpy ride

The Learning

Don’t forget the opportunity cost

Learn to book losses

Be reasonable, not greedy

Play safe

Don’t be emotional

As for me, I have written off my investment and while I can save 50% by selling shares now, I’m gambling for one last time with the logic that Tatas will shut their wireless business and merge the rest with a group company. A merger will atleast get me the principal amount back and no merger will mean 100% loss. Let’s wait and watch and meanwhile read this if you want to know more about it.




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